For International Women’s Day 2022, we wanted to let you get to know some of our staff members a little better. Olivia is our Content Creator is the newest member of our marketing team, based at Wilkinson Cameras head office in Preston. She only started at the beginning of the year, but she’s already making waves with her first videos and the launch of Wilkinson Cameras’ TikTok!

Olivia has a tough job - the role of Content Creator isn’t as glamourous as it sounds. She’s solely responsible for creating all our video content across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram… and that means scripting, shooting, editing and starring in them as well. We think she’s doing brilliantly, but go and take a look and see for yourself!

Youtube: Wilkinson Cameras

Instagram: @WilkinsonCameras

TikTok: @WilkinsonCameras

Photography or videography?

I’d say both. I love videography because I studied Film Production at university. But, I also shoot stills for behind the scenes on productions or some fun side projects.

Favourite genre?

My favourite genre is portrait photography, whether that’s human or animal portraits. As for videography I love cinematic footage that’s well executed and edited together.

Current camera?

Currently I’m on the hunt for a camera because I sold mine whilst studying at university. I had access to my university’s equipment which I could rent for periods of time, so having my own camera wasn’t necessary because they had better quality kit. Fortunately in this job, I get to try out lots of new cameras… unfortunately, now I want them all!

I recently reviewed the Panasonic Lumix GH6 and I’m desperately hoping to get my hands on that again to really try it out for some cinematic footage. But, I also convinced myself that I’d quite like a new OM System OM-1 as well. I’m sure whichever camera I review next will also go on my wishlist.

Dream camera?

My dream camera would probably be the Sony A9 II or the Sony A1. I have briefly used the A9 before and I loved how versatile and high quality it was.

Do you face any challenges as a woman in this industry?

Unfortunately, despite my age, I have experienced a lot of challenges as a woman in my role as a videographer/content creator. Social media especially has its pros and cons when being a female presenter in an industry that is very male dominated.

My job role requires me to script, film, edit and post videos online reviewing cameras and most things technology-based. On my first video for Wilkinson Cameras I received a comment on YouTube from an individual suggesting that I wasn’t hired for my ‘depth in knowledge’ – the assumption being that I was hired for the way I look. Although the comment didn’t bother me, it’s sad to see that some people can’t let women thrive in a particular job role or make silly comments like this.

What was humbling to see was that Wilkinson Cameras management acknowledged the comment to further educate those people and supported their staff.

What is your greatest achievement or something you’re really proud of?

My greatest achievement is graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in Film Production and following it with a job in the creative industry at Wilkinson Cameras.

Over the years at university to the present day I have become more independent and confident mentally and physically which is something I am proud of. Years ago, I would have never pushed myself to sit in front of a camera and talk all things techy, nor would I have hiked up the Buttermere Circular in the Lake District.

I am very proud of the woman I’m becoming.

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Your biggest influence?

My grandma is my biggest influence because she has always taught me that being creative is a blessing and not something to hide. From a young girl I have always embraced my creative side which has led me to having my own business personalising products and apparel as well as my current job role as a content creator.

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