Sensor Cleaning - from £40

Available in-store for all interchangeable lens cameras, including DSLR and CSC. Sensor cleaning is an important part of digital camera maintenance to ensure the best quality images from your camera.



An example of how dust particles on your sensor can show in your images and ruin your photos. They are particularly noticable in skies or any simple backgrounds.

These marks are caused by dust on your DSLR or Mirrorless camera sensor. A sensor clean will remove them and ensure your images aren't ruined by ugly marks!


Available in-store for all interchangeable lens cameras, including DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras. Sensor cleaning is an important part of digital camera maintenance to ensure the best quality images from your camera.

Dust on the sensor is a perfectly normal, everyday hazard which usually happens when changing lenses. It is easily fixed with a sensor clean. Our fully trained experts only use the best equipment and always take their time when undertaking this delicate task. You can rest assured that your equipment is in safe hands when you bring your camera to us for an in-store sensor clean. We clean all sensor sizes in-store, including Full Frame cameras.


Please see important information below before bringing your camera to us to be cleaned.


How long does it take?

£40 - 2 Day service - book in advance

This is a two day service if booked in advance and is available at every store for any brand of interchangeable lens camera. We ask that you call or email your local store to book your camera in ahead of time.


£60 - Same Day - book in advance

If you require a same day turnaround service, this will be assessed on an individual basis and is by appointment only. There will be an additional charge of £20. This service isn’t available as standard, but where possible, we will try our best to fit you in.  Please contact your local store to speak to the manager or person in charge.



“Walk-ins” will be cleaned in the fastest time possible, but may take longer than two days if we already have a number of cameras booked in. Our fully trained experts need time to carry out this delicate job to the very best standard. We recommend getting in touch with your local store in advance to book your sensor clean in advance.



What sensor sizes do you clean?

We clean Micro Four Thirds (Olympus, OM System, Panasonic Lumix G), APS-C (Canon EOS 90D, EOS R7, Nikon D3500, Nikon Z30) and Full Frame sensors (Canon EOS 1D X Mark III, EOS R3, Nikon D850, Nikon Z7 II, Sony A7). If you are in any doubt, please call your local store.


What to bring on the day

When arriving for a sensor clean, your camera will be booked in and a note taken of any accessories supplied (lens, body cap, strap, etc.) as well as its serial number. Your equipment is safe with us!

Essential: The most important thing (as well as your camera!) is that your camera’s battery must be fully charged.

A half charged or three quarter charged battery is not enough. If your camera is brought in without a fully charged battery this may delay the return of the camera as we will have to charge it before undertaking the clean.

Optional: If you have any examples of images affected by the dust, please bring along a print or your memory card

Optional: It is up to you whether you bring your camera body or with a lens, but if you are bringing a body only then please ensure the body cap is in place.


How do I know if my sensor needs cleaning?

Usually, you’ll notice little smudges in your images. They’ll be on every image, in the same place, when taking several pictures. They’re particularly obvious when taking pictures with clear blue skies or similar images with a large area of block colour.

Try a Test Shot:
- If you’re not sure, take a test shot or a clear blue sky or a piece of white paper.
- Using Aperture Priority (A or Av) mode, select the smallest aperture (e.g. F16, F22).
- Turn off autofocus and set your ISO to 100 or 200.
- Fill your frame with the sky/paper and use the focus ring to unfocus the sky/paper.
- Now take a picture.

If your sensor has dust on, you’ll see little blobs/smudges in your image.

If you’re seeing dust when you look through the viewfinder, but no dust is appearing when you take a test shot, then there might be dust in your viewfinder or dust on your mirror (DSLR). This would require your camera being sent for repair as these are not issues we can address in-store.