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Part-Exchange & Buy-In FAQ

What do you buy?

Cameras, lenses, video cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes and a few other items!

We DO buy film cameras, but they must take either 35mm film or 120 film and we don't buy ALL film cameras, only those with a good resale value.



Do I get more if I part-exchange?

Yes. We offer more if you're buying new equipment. We can offer this as a part-exchange against a new item or as store credit to spend at a later date.

Some new equipment also includes "part-exchange bonus" offers, which means you'll get even more for your old equipment.



What don't you buy?

  • Equipment which uses obsolete media. i.e. film cameras where the film type is no longer available. camcorders using analogue media (i.e. Mini DV tape) or cameras using obsolete media such as Sony MemoryStick, XD cards, etc.
  • Faulty or significantly damaged equipment
  • Lenses or cameras with signs of fungus / mould
  • Very well used entry level cameras (see "How do I rate my item?" below for more information on how to establish the grade for your camera)
  • Used entry level tripods and bags (we may consider high-end equipment such as Gitzo tripods or Billingham bags)
  • Screw-on filters
  • Printers
  • Telescopes
  • Instant cameras such as Polaroid or Instax Mini



How do I rate my item?

Used Equipment Rating Guide

When submitting a request for a quote for your used equipment, please use the guide below to help determine the grade to choose. Please be as honest as possible and try to give accurate information. This will ensure we can give you an accurate quote for your equipment and process your part-exchange or sale faster.

All items must be in full working order and include a battery (if required for normal operation) and charger (where originally supplied with one as standard). Batteries and battery chargers must be designed for UK use and carry a CE mark.

Use the separate part of the quote form to tell us about any included accessories, such as a box, lens hood, caps, cables, etc. This information will be used in conjunction with the grade information to provide you with an accurate estimate for your used equipment.


A - Mint condition

As new, in original box with no obvious signs of use. Upon inspection, you'd be surprised to learn that this item has had a previous owner!

B - Excellent

The hardware shows only the lightest signs of use, visible only upon close inspection. This may include very minor handling marks, but no obvious scratches and no obvious scuffs or shine to grips, focus rings, etc.

C - Very Good

The item will show small signs of use such as a small number of light marks or wear to the body and grips. It will be obvious that the item isn't brand new, but it won't show extensive use.

D - Good

The item will show more noticeable signs of use, such as multiple marks and scuffs or scratches to the LCD, obvious wear to the grip or signs of use on the barrel of a lens, etc. Grips may be scuffed or shiny. The base or a camera or tripod collar on a lens will show obvious signs of use.

E -  Well Used

Hardware has more obvious signs of use, including wear to rubber, scratches, scuffs. These will be more obvious and more extensive than a Grade D item. This may include multiple, deep scratches to the body of the item and multiple scuffs to contact points. Rubber sections and grips may be shiny or worn down.

We reserve this category professional grade equipment which has been designed with longevity and heavy use in mind (for example Canon L lenses, full frame workhorse cameras such as Nikon D4, Canon EOS 1D, etc. and other professional full frame DSLRs such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800, etc.). The hardware will be in full working order, but will show signs of heavy or professional use.

Please note: we do not take in entry level equipment in this condition as it isn't designed with the same longevity as professional cameras or built to withstand the same level of use.



How long does it take to get a quote?

For online quote requests, we aim to respond to quotes within 1 working day (Monday-Friday 9am until 5pm) or receiving the request. During busy periods, such as bank holidays, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. please allow a little longer to receive a reply - we have a lot of emails to deal with during these periods, but we will get back to you ASAP!

You can visit your local store with your equipment and someone will be able to look at it the same day. If you have a lot of equipment, please allow plenty of time as it will need to be inspected. You may wish to drop it off in the store and go to get the rest of your shopping done / grab a coffee and then come back if this is more convenient.



How do I post my items to you?

If your valuation is over £100 in total, you may choose to send the goods to us using a DPD Drop Off point. We will arrange this for you at no charge. (Please note: if you are found to have exaggerated the condition of your equipment and/or have put down an incorrect model number, resulting in a higher valuation, and your subsequent valuation after inspection is below £100, you may be charged £9.95 to cover this service. This will be deducted from your final value.)

If you wish to take advantage of the DPD Drop Off service and your items are valued below £100, you can request this service and a £9.95 charge will be deducted from your final value.

If there is no DPD drop-off location near to you or you would prefer to send the items by post or alternative courier, you are welcome to do so, but you must arrange this yourself.



(Please include a copy of your quote - failure to do so will result in delays processing your part-exchange.)

Wilkinson Cameras PX
Unit 25 Charnley Fold,
Bamber Bridge,



How do I package my items?

Carefully! Unfortunately, couriers do not carefully handle your parcel or its contents in the same way you or we would. Your parcel is going to be subject to a lot of abuse on its journey from you to us. Therefore it it vitally important that you carefully package the contents.

Please include a copy of your quote - failure to do so will result in delays processing your part-exchange.

  • Ensure you use a strong carboard box, with internal packaging to fully secure your items.
  • Where possible, repack your equipment into the original box and packaging and then place in a strong external box.
  • Fill any voids with packaging material or scrunched up paper, etc. to ensure the internal box is snug and won't move around.
  • Use a strong packing tape to fully secure the outside of the box and prevent it from coming open.
  • Ensure any address labels are properly attached to the outside of the box.
  • Include a return address in case the recipient address is damaged in transit.
  • Include a note/paperwork/copy of our quote inside the box - this way there is a way to trace it, should the outside of the box become damaged or lost.

For more information, you can see DPD's Packaging Advice.



That sounds like a lot of packaging.... don't you care about the environment?

We really do! In fact, most of the packaging we use at Wilkinson Cameras is recycled. If we need to buy boxes, we buy recycled cardboard boxes.

But, most of our items are shipped using boxes and packaging that has been sent to us. So, your box and packaging won't go to waste. The internal packaging will be reused to protect orders we send out - it may even be sent back to you!

Any cardboard we can't reuse goes into our cardboard and paper recycling collection. Even if your outer box can't be reused by Wilkinson Cameras, it will be recycled.



How will you pay me?

If you're selling your equipment, we will pay you by bank transfer.

For Part-Exchange we can either give you a discount code to use online against your new purchase or you can buy your new item before we've even processed your part-exchange and then we will pay you by bank transfer or partially refund your original payment method (for PayPal or Card payments. This isn't possible if you have taken out a Finance agreement).

If you want to take advantage of our enhanced part-exchange values but aren't ready to buy your new item(s) just yet, then we can offer you store credit to spend at a later date.



Can I buy the new item before sending in my old equipment?

Yes! We know you might be wanting to upgrade ASAP or maybe you don't want to miss a sale price or a cashback promotion. It's fine to buy your new item before you've sent off your old equipment to us. We'll simply send you the value for your used equipment as a bank transfer or partial refund. (Partial refunds are only applicable to PayPal or Card payments).



How long until I receive my payment?

Please allow 3-5 working days for us to process your parcel, check & test your items. Once completed we will be in touch to confirm the final value and arrange payment.

Bank transfers take a further 2-3 working days to reach your account from the day they are processed.



I've received a quote, but I can sell it for more on eBay / other private selling sites?

You probably can get more for your items if you sell them privately. We'll be honest - we're a business and we will sell on your used equipment. We need to make a profit on this when we sell it.

But, we also take all the hassle out of selling your equipment and we think that's worth quite a lot of money, not to mention the time saved. When you sell to us, you know you're dealing with a trusted buyer and we can even help to arrange the postage for you. As long as your description is accurate, what we quote is also what we'll pay you. There's no hidden fees - when selling on eBay you will instantly lose over 12% in eBay & PayPal fees, plus the cost of postage, etc.

We do try to stay competitive and ensure our prices are fair, but we cannot offer the same as you may achieve if you wished to sell it privately.



What are your terms?

We have a dedicated page for Part-Exchange or Buy-In Terms & Conditions. Please make sure to read it thoroughly before submitting a quote request or sending your items to us.

Terms & Conditions


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