Godox V1PRO Round Head Flash With Battery - Canon EOS

Godox V1PRO Round Head Flash With Battery - Canon EOS

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The Godox V1 PRO is a professional-grade speedlite that builds upon the success of the original V1. It features a revolutionary round flash head that delivers soft, even light with natural-looking fall-off, a significant departure from the traditional rectangular shape. This results in more flattering and pleasing results, especially for portrait and wedding photography.

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Key Features:

  • Produces soft, even light with natural fall-off for more flattering results
  • Makes attaching and detaching light modifiers quick and easy
  • Provides up to 500 full-power flashes per charge
  • Ensures accurate flash exposure even at high shutter speeds
  • Creates unique lighting effects for creative photography
  • Works seamlessly with Godox triggering systems

Up to 100 Continuous Shots At Full Power

Unleash your artistic whirlwind with the Godox V1Pro, a flash that shatters the boundaries of photographic possibility. Forget thermal restraints – this powerhouse pumps out a blazing torrent of 100 consecutive full-power flashes, letting you chase every electrifying moment without compromise. Dive deep into a realm where light bends to your will, and capture the essence of every fleeting thrill with unbridled freedom. The V1Pro isn't just a flash; it's an open invitation to ignite your photographic firestorm.

Innovative External Flash SU-1

Godox's V1Pro unleashes the detachable SU-1 fill light, a game-changer for photographers on the go. One-click transforms your bounce flash into a versatile duo, conquering dynamic shoots with seamless agility. Need soft portrait glow? SU-1's on. High-contrast drama? Click, detach, and go bounce flash! And when lightness reigns, detach and travel free. V1Pro + SU-1: double the power, half the baggage, all the creative fire. Light on your terms, wherever inspiration ignites.

Modern Charging Convenience

Power up your creativity, both at home and on the road, with the V1Pro's dual charging flexibility. Ditch the adapter juggling act – choose the familiar VC26 charger for reliable top-ups, or embrace the future with the sleek Type-C port. No matter your workflow, the V1Pro lets you fuel your photographic firestorm without compromising efficiency or sustainability. Charge with ease, shoot with freedom, and know you're doing your part for the planet – it's a win-win for your art and the environment.

One-click TTL/M Switch

TTL or Manual? You choose, in a click. The V1Pro adapts to your every whim, letting you seamlessly switch between automated brilliance and handcrafted control with a single press. From the adrenaline rush of live events to the meticulous craft of studio shoots, conquer any lighting challenge with confidence. The V1Pro's your partner in creativity, no matter the environment.

Fearless Against Time and Speed

Fear not, power-hungry shutterbugs! The V1Pro packs an extra punch. Its dedicated port flawlessly connects to Godox power packs like the PB960, giving you endless juice for fast-paced shoots. Conquer speed & endurance challenges with an extra layer of confidence, ensuring every click exceeds expectations. No more battery anxiety, just unleashing creative firestorms wherever inspiration ignites.

Even, Soft, Stable Light Effect

No more harsh shadows, say hello to ethereal glow. The V1Pro's revolutionary round head lens bathes your subjects in soft, even light, sculpting features with delicate precision. Ditch the unevenness and embrace consistent brilliance, where every flash delivers a seamless tapestry of brightness and color temperature. With the V1Pro, every click paints with the brushstrokes of pure, natural-looking brilliance.

Previsulization for Perfection

Ditch the guesswork, ignite precision. The V1Pro's potent 10-level LED modeling light lets you pre-visualize your masterpiece, sculpting light and shadow with surgical accuracy before you click. No more wasted shots, just streamlined efficiency to elevate your workflow to new heights. Refine your setup, refine your art, with the V1Pro's unflinching brilliance.

Wireless Transmission and Reception

Unleash a symphony of light with the V1Pro's wireless magic. It's built-in 2.4G transmission and reception dance seamlessly with other Godox flashes, letting you paint intricate lighting narratives with just a click. Craft dramatic contrasts, sculpt soft gradients, or build layers of brilliance – your canvas is endless. No more tangled cables, just wireless freedom to ignite your creative firestorm.

A Legacy of Expertise

This flash isn't just a tool, it's a trusted companion on your photographic journey. From your first click to your most masterful shots, the V1Pro stands by your side with unwavering reliability and consistent brilliance. Its meticulously upgraded flash head ensures flawless performance, shot after shot. Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned pro, the V1Pro is your unyielding partner in capturing the magic of light.

Godox Round Head Accessory Integration

Unlock a universe of creative possibilities with the V1Pro's open arms. Its seamless compatibility with all Godox round flash head accessories throws wide the door to artistic exploration. Experiment with beauty dishes, snoots, gels, grids, and more, weaving light into masterpieces as your imagination leads. Redefine limitations, reshape reality, and paint with photons. With the V1Pro, your only boundary is your own artistic audacity.
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What's in the box Flash Body, Detachable Sub Flash SU-1, Camera Flash Stand, Lithium Battery, USB-C Charging Cable, Charger, Storage Bag