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When you use a ProMaster filter you can tell the difference. Each filter is carefully designed to provide the best performance and help you capture the image or video you have in mind.

ProMaster UV, Circular Polarising and Variable Neutral Density Filters are available in most diameters and at three different price/quality points. So whether you have entry level or professional lenses, you can protect them with ProMaster.

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Filter Accessories

Filter Accessories

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ProMaster Multicoated Filters

This is an entry level UV / protection filter. It is multicoated to ensure that the light entering your lens isn't affected in any way. They're suitable for entry level lenses, but for mid to high-end lenses we'd recommend looking at the Digital HD or HGX series to best complement your lens investment and ensure the best image quality.

ProMaster Digital HD Filters

The Digital HD (DHD) line of filters are crafted specifically to improve the quality of your image. DHD filters are constructed with premium Schott optical glass and 12 layers of anti-reflective coating. These filters are designed to yield extreme image sharpness.

ProMaster offers DHD filters in both UV / protection filters, and Circular Polarisers. Circular DHD filters feature a precision machined, super slim aluminum frame with anti-reflective matte finish and knurled edge. If you’re looking for a quality filter that improves the clarity of your shot, these are the filters for you.

ProMaster HGX Prime Filters

These premium filters help take your photography and videography to the next level.

The ProMaster HGX Prime filters are designed to offer exceptional performance and protection. During manufacturing, each HGX Prime filter is individually ground, polished, and coated. The Repellamax II anti-static barrier resists dust, dirt, oil, water, and fingerprints. These filters are proven to be strong and durable, with an ultra-hardened glass and scratch-resistant coating. They transmit brilliant light to achieve the clearest possible image.

  • HGX CPL filters have 18 coating layers
  • HGX UV / protection filters have 22 coating layers
  • HGX Variable ND filters have 36 coating layers

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