For International Women’s Day 2022, we wanted to let you get to know some of our staff members a little better.


Jenny became part of our Chester store team when we took over Camera Solutions in Chester in 2019. She’d worked for the previous owner for 6 years… but we already knew Jenny as she’d worked with us at our Preston and former Blackburn store way back in 2008!

We asked Jenny to tell us more about herself and see if anything has changed since her first feature back in 2020 and share some of her favorite images.


Photography or videography?

Photography… with the odd video of my whippet zooming around a field!

Favourite genre?

I’ve dabbled in a bit of everything. At one point I was doing quite a bit of surf photography and wildlife, but recently I’m enjoying a bit of landscape photography and of course photos that include my dog.

Current camera?

I love my Fujifilm X-T2. I like to travel, so having a smaller and lightweight camera which still offers good quality is essential.

What’s your dream camera?

I’d really love it if Fujifilm would bring out a full frame camera, but that could also use crop-mode so I can use my existing lenses and benefit from the crop factor when shooting wildlife, etc.

Do you face any challenges as a woman working in photography / electronics retail?

Unfortunately, yes. I find it is getting better, whether that’s just because we have so many regulars who already know me now but yes… I often get asked “do you know anything about photography?” which isn’t a question my co-workers get asked.
It used to be a lot worse in my earlier years in the photographic trade, so it’s nice to see some change… but sadly there’s still a long way to go.

Tell us about your greatest achievement or proudest moment:

I’m most proud of becoming more confident in water. I couldn’t tread water or really swim until I was 30 and my husband taught me on our first holiday together after being together a year.
The thought of me body boarding or paddle boarding back then would have been a ridiculous idea, but with my husband’s support, I learned to overcome my fear. As long as I’m on the paddle board with a buoyancy aid, I’m good to go!


This is one of a series of profiles and interviews for International Women’s Day.

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