The Karakoram – Ice Mountains of Pakistan – Colin Prior

The Karakoram – Ice Mountains of Pakistan

We know that there are many Colin Prior fans in the house, and we have been fortunate to get our hands on a copy of Colin’s brand new book – The Karakoram – so we thought we’d share a little mini review!

Karakoram, is the culmination of project which started back at the age of 23 for Colin, when he discovered a book in his local library, by climber and photographer Galen Rowell which documented the 1975 American expedition to K2.

‘I was familiar with K2, but had never heard of the Karakoram Mountains and one photograph in particular, of the Trango Towers, captured my imagination like no other photograph ever had. From that moment on, I was entranced and knew that my destiny lay there.’

‘It was not a question of choosing the Karakoram Mountains; they chose me.’

In a series of expeditions, the first of which back in 1996 – and a further five trips, spanning the following 22 years – Colin explores and photographs this unique mountain range. Retracing the footsteps of earlier expeditions and exploring new areas within the glaciers and mountain peaks of this remote region. The result, is a heartfelt collection of images, interspersed with beautiful thought provoking words, observations and quotes from past explorers.

Breathtaking and truly awe-inspiring, the images allow you to sit and inhale the majesty of the landscape, which Colin has so perfectly captured – imagine the impossible quietness, the sharp mountain air and the sense of high altitude wonder all around.

The deep-seated connection with the Karakoram shines through in every image, a connection that cannot be learned, or bought; blended with a sense of extreme adventure that many of us can only aspire to, living on the glacier for weeks at a time, in the most harsh and often dangerous environment.

If you want to step away from the noise of today’s modern world, remind yourself how tiny we are on our beautifu

l planet and experience (virtually!) a sense of true adventure, then this book is for you.

A wholly meaningful body of work from the master of mountain photography, demonstrating a lifelong fascination with The Karakoram, one of the few remaining, truly wild locations on earth.

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