Photography for Kids – Memories to Treasure – Part 2

In our last blog feature, we looked at how to encourage your children to take an interest in the ‘magic’ of image making. We gave Wilki’s top tips on keeping them interested, encouraging their creativity and also looked at some great cameras, and printing ideas to getting started.

Following on from this, we spoke to several of your favourite pro photographers – to find out exactly how they share their knowledge and passion for photography – while keeping it fun, relaxed and creative:


Kevin Mullins:  Following in Dad’s footsteps

Wedding photographer Kevin Mullins (@kevinmullinsphotography)  is a big fan of sharing the knowledge in a free flowing, fun way: I gave Rosa (aged 9) my Fujifilm X30 and she loves it. She sees me shooting all the time and tries to emulate it. I leave the X30 in the kitchen so it’s easy for her to just grab it if we are going out. She see’s things in a very different way to me – her perspective is much more innocent I think. ‘Sure, I give her advice. I talk to her about using light and also composition but I’m conscious of over complicating it for her. I want it to be fun, not a chore.’


Budding BAFTA nominees….

Fine Art Landscape Photographer & Mindfulness workshop host Paul sanders ( , has also been helping his son enjoy photography – or rather using a traditional DSLR camera to create stop motion animations:



‘My son Noah (who was just 7 at the time of filming!) really enjoys taking pictures but his real passion is for making stop motion animation films using his Lego figures.

‘He’s been a film buff for a number of years and enjoys writing so when he asked if he could make a movie I gave him a few pointers. After a few failed attempts with his phone, my iPad and a compact camera he ended up using my old Canon 5D Mark III with a macro lens, with some torches for lighting.

‘He was totally absorbed in it for an entire day, it was quite something to see and I secretly enjoyed it as much as he did!’


Baxter Bradford:  A family holiday ‘with photography’


‘Last year we went to Iceland on a family holiday ‘with photography’.  Both children (now 18 & 20) have shown an interest in photography over the years – digital technology has been a massive big enabler. With features such as the electronic viewfinder the kids can see exactly what they are going to get and check basic exposures etc.

This means they can get off ‘auto’ when they need to – and start to explore a bit of the technical side – without pressure – and it also cuts down on post processing.  Both gained a lot of creative inspiration from features such as the panoramic and double exposure modes – resulting in some lovely ‘alternative’ images.


In Iceland we all shot on Fujifilm – I had an X-T2 and Max & Josie X-T1’s.  This was really useful as we could then all share lenses. At viewpoints we often headed in different directions – each reacting to the landscape in our own individual way.

Each evening we reviewed our images and started to select the best pictures – looking at what worked and what didn’t.  After the trip we combined all of our images to produce a Photobook of our trip, which is a great way to look back and enjoy the trip over and over again.

Visit to see Baxter Bradford’s work.


Looking for something a bit different?

Load up the bird feeder and enjoy and afternoon of ‘wildlife’ spotting in the garden or at the park with some trendy binoculars. Get the camo gear out, hunker down in the long grass and pretend you’re in the Serengeti.  Face paint and hat with corks for the mozzies is an optional extra for the adults!

Kit Suggestion:


The sky’s the limit!

And if you fancy a night sat around the campfire toasting marshmallows and sharing tall stories, then why not consider a telescope for some family stargazing.  There are some great free Apps available to help you work out what’s what – and on a dark night you might even see the Milky Way.

Wrap up warm and watch for shooting stars – make a wish.

Kit Suggestion:

Bushnell Voyager Telescope

For these are the moments in time, which we all remember fondly – and when your little people have little people of their own – these will be the tales they can share around their own campfire.  These will be the stories that take them right back to those early adventures, or make us all smile every time we see our pictures on the wall.

It’s easy to do and doesn’t have to be expensive – so get out there, have some fun and start putting together YOUR little treasure chest of memories.


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