Photography for Kids – Memories to Treasure – Part 1

Keeping the kids occupied during the holidays can be a challenge, often competing with the TV, the X-Box or the ‘dreaded’ smart phone (although see how you can put it to good use further down the article!) with social media addiction.

SO… why not venture out this holiday and explore a ‘treasure’ hunt of your own –creating memories that will last forever?


More images than ever are being captured every single day – whether that be on phones, tablets or cameras.   We post more images on social media than ever before – we shoot what we’ve had for breakfast, ‘selfies’ with our friends, the weather, you name it.  And then what…very little!

So how do we get our ‘little people’ to engage in photography in order preserve those precious adventures and experiences for years to come?  How do we make photography exciting? Encourage creative freedom? Capture their attention and imagination?

Print & Preserve

At the same time we are shooting more pictures, we are printing less – and there is a real danger that the ‘family archive’ could be lost for generations to follow.  Billions of images are being taken worldwide every single day, but only a tiny, tiny, fraction of those ever make it to print.

Come on, everyone loves to open a tin of old photos that you’ve found in the attic, sit and look though and old family album, or for a more modern twist drink your coffee out of a cup with your favourite ‘mug’ shot!

So plaster those walls with fabulous adventures and enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling every time you walk by and smile at those special memories.   It’s time to act before images are lost forever!


Fresh Air & Photos

Getting the kids interested and involved in photography has so many benefits.  From getting them (and you!) off the sofa and out into the fresh air, to visiting new places, seeing new things, sharing new experiences – noticing and enjoying the detail as well as the ‘big picture’ on mini adventures.

You don’t have to go on an exotic holiday – a mini adventure could be in the back garden or local park – or a plan a ‘micro-adventure’ to somewhere new.


Rough & Tumble

These days, there are plenty of ‘tough’ cameras out there so you don’t have to hand over your own precious camera.  There are some great cameras specifically designed for our younger folk – which look super fun, are easy to use – and are pretty indestructible too!

It’s also important to remember that even images taken on mobile devices are generally now of such good quality they can be printed, framed, or made into a variety of groovy gift ideas.


The Wilki Team, together with some of our pro photographer friends, have put together a few tips for finding the budding ‘Rankin’ within:

  1. Visit somewhere that the kids are really interested in. A farm park for the wildlife, the seaside for rock pools, people watching in town, or get the waterproofs on (it is the UK after all) and head for the hills.

Kit suggestion:  Take a look at the Nikon W100 which is packed with child friendly features – aside from being droppable and waterproof, it can even quack or woof when a picture is taken! It has customisable backgrounds, noises and fun picture modes – guaranteed giggles as well as photos.

Available in Blue and Yellow, the Nikon W100 – With worry-free durability it’s the perfect camera for all round family fun

  1. Keep it simple – and quick – the little ones’ attention span is often short. Think about setting them a mini challenge, but keep it fun. We may not be ready for a lecture on white balance or RAW files just yet – think colours, or eye spy. With digital, comes instant results – don’t hamper their flow – but perhaps do a mini review when you get home and choose the best pictures to print.

Kit suggestions:  Keep it simple, keep it fast with these nifty instant prints from both Polaroid (it’ll take the older ones back in time!) and the super fun Fuji Instax printers.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera in white, yellow, pink , blue and black

3. The best camera for you is often the one that you have with you. Even a lot of kids have smartphones these days; but if not, Mum and Dad certainly do. The KiiPix is an instant photo printer designed to work with smartphones and Fujifilm Instax film so you can print off real photographs taken on your mobile. It’s a great combination of digital photography and hands-on fun that children will love. Most importantly, at just £39.99, it won’t be breaking the (piggy) bank either!

For lager instant printing at home from a camera, tablet or smartphone, you can also consider the Canon Selphy Printer.

Tomy KiiPix Instant Printer for smartphones using Fujifilm Instax polaroid film

Marvel with the kids as their images ‘develop’ before their eyes like magic! For these are the moments in time, which we all remember fondly – and when your little people have little people of their own – these will be the tales they can share around their own campfire.  These will be the stories that take them right back to those early adventures, or make us all smile every time we see our pictures on the wall.

It’s easy to do and doesn’t have to be expensive – so get out there, have some fun and start putting together YOUR little treasure chest of memories.


Enjoyed this blog? Then keep an eye out for Part 2 – where we interview some of your favourite pro’s, to find out how they engage their own children in photography, video and film-making.

We also look at some extra ideas to keep the little ones engaged with the magic of image making.
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