Life in the stores after lockdown

A couple of weeks ago we asked whether you wanted appointments to visit the stores. The majority of you said “no thanks!” so, we won’t be bringing appointments into the stores.

But, this question raised lots of your own questions and comments about visiting the stores. This was really helpful feedback and we’ve tried our best to answer some of the questions raised below.


Remember, all 8 stores (Chester, Warrington, Liverpool, Southport, Preston, Burnley, Kendal and Carlisle) are now re-open. You can find out more about how we’re staying Covid-Secure in-store on our Coronavirus page and we’ll also answer some of your additional concerns below.


“Will we be able to handle equipment?”

Yes. We carefully sanitise all equipment before and after handling using a viricidal spray so you can be sure that it is safe. Plus, we will also provide you with disposable gloves to use if you prefer to.


“Will staff be wearing PPE?”

Yes. All our staff wear face masks and/or visors when serving customers or if customers are in the store. If you’re hard of hearing and need to see their lips, they will remove the mask as your request and stand 2m away from you.


“With the current restrictions, it would enable those people with underlying medical issues a more bio secure way of visiting your stores.”

The quietest times of the day are early morning and later on in the day. We keep the stores spotlessly clean and regularly sanitise touch points. Social distancing is in place, visitor numbers are restricted and our staff members wear masks and/or visors. We hope you will feel safe visiting your local store, but please get in touch if you think we can do more.


“I would only take advantage of this if I was needing help with new or recently bought equipment.”

Please remember that we will help you with your equipment at any time. We don’t just want to sell you a camera, we want to make sure you’re getting the most from it too. If you’d like help, then contact your local store and you can arrange a time to call in for extra advice if you like. This way the store manager can expect you and have anything required to hand.
Please note we can’t offer in-depth photography training on this basis – but we can help you with the settings on your new camera.


“This is a bit over the top! Why bother leave it as it, it already a pain shopping now!”

From September 1st we’ll be opening the stores from 9am until 5.30pm Monday – Saturday and you’ll be able to walk in as you did before lockdown. A little bit of normality resumed! We hope this makes it less of a pain.
There will of course still be social distancing in-store and we ask that you wear a mask and sanitise your hands on entry.


“Masks and rules have put me off going to any shops.”

We totally understand. We really only have a couple of rules – please wear a mask and please maintain social distance. This protects you, other shoppers and our staff. We’ve all got to do our bit until we have a resolution for the virus.


“I am not particular about appointments, but as long as social distancing can be maintained in store that should be fine.”

No problem! The stores are all marked out to remind people about social distance and we limit the number of people in store.


“I will not be visiting any store or any enclosed retail space until we have a vaccine.”

We understand – please remember you can shop with us online and get the same expert advice over the phone or on email.


“Appointments would be helpful as I could advise in advance what I want to discuss and your staff could be ready with the info / product to see / etc.”

No appointment necessary… but please contact your local store to arrange this at any time. Drop them an email or pick up the phone and they’ll be happy to help you to get the most out of your visit.


“It would make me feel less guilty taking up a Sales Asssistant’s time if the store was busy.”

Oh no! Please never feel guilty about speaking with a staff member. Our Sales Assistants are there to help you to make the right choice and sometimes this takes time.


“Useful if I needed guidance on options for a purchase.”

You don’t need to make an appointment for this. Our store teams are there and are happy to help you to put options together, compare and choose the right item for you.


“Why can’t everything just be normal?”

We’re really good at what we do, which is being passionate and knowledgeable about photography and photographic and optical equipment. Unfortunately, our powers stop here! Like everyone else we are trying to navigate life in a world where we must live with the COVID-19 virus and we’re trying to do this as safely and as “normally” as possible.


“Our life is already becoming regimented and this is a step too far!”

We’re going to lighten the restrictions to stores soon by allowing people to come and go as normal, removing our current closed-door policy and we won’t be introducing appointments. We hope to see you in store soon!


“Your stores are too Canon and Sony orientated so I will not be coming in anymore.”

We stock a vast range of brands and a huge product range including the major camera brands Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic. Different stores do have different stock profiles, so you’ll find the larger stores have larger ranges of stock. But, if you want to buy an item we list on our website in your local store, just contact your local store and ask them to arrange this.


“You said the Burnley store was closing, but it’s in the list of stores?”

The Burnley store is not closing – the Bury and Lancaster stores have closed. The remaining stores are Chester, Warrington, Liverpool, Southport, Preston, Burnley, Kendal and Carlisle.


We hope this has answered any of your concerns about visiting the stores. But if you have any comments, feedback or questions we’ve not covered then please get in touch.

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