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Life On The Edge: Story Behind The Shot – Kevin Morgans

29 May

In a new series, I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite shots and the stories behind the image, following the amazing response to a sequence of images I tweeted earlier this month. And, why not start with the most popular image from the poll: Life On The Edge. After spending countless hours with these […]


The Great Australian Triathlon – Part 2, The Paddle

29 May

The kayaking section of The Great Australian Triathlon was the one that concerned me the most. I think this was because the Bass Strait has the reputation for being one of the most treacherous bodies of water in the world. A reputation which is well deserved. The sea between Tasmania and mainland Australia has seen […]


5 Tips for Seabird Photography Success with Kevin Morgans

07 May

Many of us are still stuck in lock-down and self-isolating. But this will not last forever – hopefully we will be back out with our cameras before we know it. Whilst it feels like our lives have been put on hold, the natural world has not stopped. Wildlife is still going about its daily routines as normal […]


The Great Australian Triathlon – Part 1, The Run

06 May

Sadly, as we suspected, ex Wilki team member Jonathan Doyle and his friends attempting the Great Australian Triathlon have been halted by the global Coronavirus pandemic. After successfully completing the first two gruelling sections of the trip – the run and the kayak – the team sadly had to call it a day 60km south of […]


Creating the Ultimate Guidebook with photographer James Rushforth

30 Apr

Wilkinson Cameras ambassador James Rushforth has written four guidebooks in the past decade covering photography, ski mountaineering, rock climbing and via ferrata. He is currently finalising his next project, a photo location guidebook to Iceland for publisher fotoVUE. Recently home from Iceland and writing from quarantine in Worcester, we asked him to share his experiences […]


5 Great Tips on Creative Pet Photography

24 Apr

Hey all! Andrew from Wilkinson Cameras. If there’s one thing that’s keeping a lot of people going during this pandemic, it’s their pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or anything in between (no judgment to pet rock owners either), they all have one thing in common: they make excellent portrait subjects!The pro pet photographers […]

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