Capture Chester: The Story Behind The Image – Janet Upton

Capture Chester: The Story Behind The Image

We’ve had such an amazing response to our Capture Chester Photography Competition that we wanted to showcase some of the talented photographers who have entered so far.

Many of the images made us curious to know more (the sign of a good image!) so we caught up with each photographer to find out a little more info!

Janet Upton: Orangutan, Chester Zoo

‘I’ve always enjoyed photography, but had my first DSLR 6 years ago for my birthday. I enjoy all genres of photography, but due to COVID a lot of my planned photography trips and events were cancelled or postponed.

‘The first place I headed once restrictions had eased was Chester Zoo, as it’s close to me and I’m a member – I love the primates as they are so full of expression and I stand for hours with my camera watching them.

‘The Orangutans are my favourite and I love it when I look into their eyes and get a shot of them looking back – I normally get lucky each visit.’

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