Canon EOS R3 – Pre-order now

The wait is over. Canon EOS R3. Pre-order now!

Canon have officialy launched the brand new Canon EOS R3. The EOS R3 is designed for professional photographers who demand speed. Speed setting up the shot, speed capturing the shot and speed sharing the shot.

It’s a camera that lets you photograph sport, wildlife and news in ways you never thought were possible. Stay ahead of the competition, shooting at 30fps and identifying subjects just by looking at them.
Welcome to the future of photography. Pre-order now with just a £99 deposit.




EOS R3 Body: £5879

Key Features:

  • Stacked sensor – Stacked, back-illuminated sensor
  • 30fps burst rate – Continuous shooting up to 30fps, or 12 fps with mechanical shutter
  • Max ISO 102,400 – Sensitivity from ISO 100 to ISO 102,400 (expands to ISO 204,800)
  • 24 megapixel resolution – The ideal balance of image quality, high ISO performance and file size
  • Up to 8-stop IS – Rock steady In-body Image Stabiliser that works in tandem a lens’s own IS
  • Eye control AF – Select focus points or subjects to track simply by looking at them
  • Subject tracking – Automatically tracks people, animals and vehicles in both photo and video modes
  • Vari-Angle screen – Fully articulated, 8.2cm, 4,200,000-dot touch screen
  • Electronic viewfinder – Blackout-free 5,760,000-dot electronic viewfinder with 120fps refresh rate and 100 per cent coverage
  • WiFi & Bluetooth – Wireless connectivity for remote control and image transfer



Capture fast-moving subjects in pin-sharp focus, with ease

Professionals following moving objects around the frame will enjoy the EOS R3’s ability to keep them in pin-sharp focus – even when shooting RAW at 30fps – thanks to Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. Alongside the people and animal (including birds) AF tracking technology found in the EOS R5 and EOS R6, the EOS R3 is perfect for motorsports photographers – with its ability to track racing cars and motorbikes. And when light conditions get tough, the camera can focus in extreme darkness at light levels -7EV or lower.

Supporting Canon’s unique Eye Control AF technology, which enables professionals to select the AF point with only their eye, the EOS R3 is an extension of any photographers’ creativity – reacting quickly in the moment to capture the shot. In low light, the EOS R3 offers up to 8-stops of protection against camera shake with Canon’s revolutionary combined Image Stabilizer (IS) technology. The camera’s sensor-shift IS works in tandem with the optical IS built into many RF Mount lenses, for a result that lets professionals shoot handheld in very dim light or while using long shutter speeds to intentionally blur movement.



Explosive speed at 30fps

Freeze every detail, thanks to a back-illuminated stacked sensor that allows a 1/64,000 sec top electronic shutter speed, plus 30fps shooting and a black-out free viewfinder.



See. React. Respond.

Select a subject just by looking at it, then half-press the shutter release to track it and keep it in focus. Intelligent tracking recognises people, animals and vehicles.



Made for the movies

Be creative with video, with the ability to shoot 6K 60p RAW or 4K footage at frames rates up to 120p. Subject tracking maintains focus so you can concentrate on the action.



Built for professionals.

The EOS R3 fits perfectly into your existing system. Customisable controls feel familiar and a robust weather-sealed body, with LP-E19 battery combability, adds confidence.



Advanced connectivity

When every second counts, the EOS R3 puts you ahead of the game. Superb connectivity lets you file pictures fast, whether you work with ethernet, Wi-Fi or mobile phone.



Full Specifcations

Want to know every technical specification of the EOS R3?

Here you go! Download the PDF.


Pre-order the Canon EOS R3 today



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