Andrew Warn – A Eulogy

It is with great sadness we announce the death of our colleague Andrew Warn. Unfortunately, Andy lost his battle with cancer last week, aged just 41. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

Andy worked at our Burnley store for nearly 15 years, up until his sudden hospitalisation at the end of last year. He was as popular with customers as he was within the company.

Company Director, Paul fondly remembers interviewing him all those years ago. Those who knew Andy will recall that he wasn’t the tallest, at less than 5 feet tall. At the time, he was being interviewed for a position in our (now closed) Blackburn store which included running a photographic lab. Having previously only spoken on the phone, Paul was somewhat surprised when Andy arrived for his interview and he loomed over him to shake his hand. Next to the lab, Andy looked even tinier!

Impressed with Andy’s passion for and knowledge of photography, every avenue was explored to make the lab an accessible option for him. Ultimately, it was deemed impossible due to the sheer nature of the equipment being used, the size and weight of the chemicals, the space in the store, etc. It was a health & safety nightmare! But, keen not to lose such a brilliant character and passionate photographer, he was offered an alternative role in Preston, where he remained for a short period until a role closer to home, in Burnley, arose.

Andy was a passionate photographer, specialising in wildlife and aviation. Keen to learn and try out the latest technology, he was regularly honing his skills. Just weeks before he became ill, he took place in a staff competition using the latest Olympus cameras. The wire wool long exposure below is one of his entries to the competition, for which he was awarded 2nd place.

The kingfisher picture, which you may recognise from our DSLR Beginner’s Workshop booklet cover, is another example of his talent. We hope his image will inspire people on the workshop for a long time to come.

Small in stature, but big in personality – Andrew Warn, 1978 – 2020.


Wire Wool Long Exposure by Andrew Warn

Wire Wool Long Exposure – Andy’s entry to an Olympus staff competititon


Kingfisher mid flight by Andrew Warn

Kingfisher by Andrew Warn

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