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The rangefinder camera features a non-TTL (through the lens) viewfinder (unlike traditional SLRs) which the user composes and then focuses through. Focusing a rangefinder camera is very fast; turn the focusing ring, look through the viewfinder and when two superimposed images line up, you're in perfect focus. Ever synonymous with Leica, the first 35mm film rangefinder cameras were designed to be compact and inconspicuous while still sporting impulsive functionality and superior optical design - perfect for street, reportage and travel subjects. And although film rangefinder cameras are still available today, digital is now the choice for many.

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Rangefinder cameras were the camera of choice for most high-profile photographers back in the 1950's due to their wonderful good looks and the unique quality of images they could produce. Since the advent of the digital SLR and other variants, the availability of rangefinders has decreased sharply. But, Wilkinson Cameras can offer you an old classic with a modern twist in the shape of a digital rangefinder camera. The digital rangefinder is so-called because it focuses using a dual-image rangefinding device. It superimposes two separate images together and once they are joined up via the ring mechanism it helps you create the perfect shot. A normal camera would rely on you to look through the lens to get the best pictures, but a digital rangefinder camera requires you to focus and compose your photo through a window on the top right, as you would with a disposable camera. One of the most state of the art digital range finders is without doubt the M9 Leica digital rangefinder. It works in exactly the same way as a traditional digital rangefinder and has the same unmistakeable look that made the digital rangefinder camera so famous in the first place. It has a massive 18 megapixel image sensor, guaranteeing you pictures of the very highest quality. But don’t just take our word for it. Our digital rangefinder camera reviews section is full of recommendations and endorsements from previous customers who have purchased this incredibly unique product at Wilkinson Cameras.

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