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Ex-Sem DVD "Making The Most Of Your Eos Flash"

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Ex-Sem DVD "Making The Most Of Your Eos Flash"

Our making the most of your EOS flash system DVD sets out to teach you in depth to understand and be able to fully utilise the canon EOS flash system.
  • We look at a wide range of topics ranging from understanding the very nature of flash, how to set up the camera and flash for the best results, through to setting up the flash for wireless flash usage with a number of flash units all being controlled away from the camera.

    Many photographers see flash as a bit of a black art and something to be avoided if possible. In fact the flash system on EOS is very simple to use, providing you have a good grounding in both the key settings of your camera and understand all the basic principals of photography. Its is also crucial to understand the light levels and conditions that you are shooting in as these will affect the settings that you use on the camera and sometimes also the way that flash is being used within the image that you are taking.

    This DVD is applicable to any canon EOS camera and any of the EX series flash units in the canon range including the new 600EX/RT flash units and most of what we talk about is applicable to the built in flash. The DVD is split into chapters and is easy to use as a reference guide in addition to being a great way to learn about the best ways of using flash on Canon EOS cameras.

    Topics included on the DVD:

    • Flash options within the EOS system
    • Difference between all the flash units
    • Understanding the macro flash units
    • Understanding the basic principals of how flash works
    • Understanding why problems can occur when using flash
    • Understanding the exposure modes and how to get the best from them when using flash
    • Understanding the flash exposure overrides and when to use them
    • Key camera settings when using flash
    • Understanding the white balance system when using flash
    • Understanding the cameras metering system with flash usage
    • Understanding the way that flash can be used within images
    • How to use flash as the only light in your images
    • How to use fill in flash in the image you take
    • When and how to use balanced flash in your images
    • Understanding how to set the flashgun
    • Understanding the cameras flash menu
    • Understanding flash overrides
    • How to get better flash results
    • Understanding bounce flash
    • Understanding reflectors and diffusers
    • Advanced overrides for flash
    • Using high speed sync effectively
    • What second curtain sync does and how to use it
    • Using custom functions with flash
    • Understanding and using the wireless flash system
    • Using the wireless flash to control multiple flash units
    • Using the wireless flash system for macro photography

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Manufacturer Ex-Sem
Model Making The Most Of Your Eos Flash
MPN Making The Most Of Your Eos Flash