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We all like to look back on old photographs as a way of reliving old memories and transporting our minds back to times gone by. However, very often we store such photos in the strangest of places within the home such as in the loft or at the back of wardrobes, resulting in them becoming lost or dishevelled. Wilkinson Cameras can help drag your old photographs into the 21st century and digital age courtesy of our extensive range of scanners. A scanner gives you the opportunity to copy, scan, email and edit your old pictures, giving them a whole new lease of life. It also means that you have a brand new platform from which to view your photos for life. Photo scanners and flatbed scanners such as Canon scanners, Epson scanners and Plustek scanners are the perfect purchase if you want to share your photos online with friends. A photo scanner or flatbed scanner can be linked up to your PC via a USB connection and in a matter of seconds your chosen photograph will appear on your monitor once placed in the scanner. This also means that you can upload photographs, young and old, tag your friends and display them on all your favourite social networking sites. For even better quality images, film scanners can accommodate both slides and negatives, meaning that you can scan pictures first hand, rather use a second generation hard copy. A film scanner from ION scanners or Summit scanners will show off your old pictures in a totally new light.