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LEE Filters SW150 Big Stopper

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LEE Filters SW150 Big Stopper

A glass filter that reduces exposure by 10 stops. This is 150mm by 150mm for use with the LEE Filters SW150 system, designed specially for ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Made by UK company LEE Filters; their reputation has been built on the fact that every filter that leaves the factory has been individually handmade and inspected by one of their technicians, who ensure it meets their exacting standards. "Anything that will compromise image quality, is simply not an option."

  • The Big Stopper is a neutral density filter that reduces the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops.


    By greatly extending exposure times the Big Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea. The filter can also be used on cityscapes to blur people or on roads and motorways to blur traffic.

  • How to use the Big Stopper:

    - First compose your image before fitting the Big or Little Stopper.

    - Take a meter reading without the filter in place, and set your desired aperture and shutter speed.

    - Use the exposure tables to find the correct exposure. Your filter will have come with a printed exposure table.

    - With the Big or Little Stopper inserted into the slot nearest the lens, attach the filter holder as usual and make your exposure.

    - Always use the sturdiest tripod you can when making long exposures, and take care not to knock the camera or tripod. Cover your viewfinder before releasing the shutter to avoid light encroaching onto the sensor or film and causing flare.


    Both the Big Stopper & Little Stopper can be used in conjunction with other filters such as Neutral Density Graduated Filters.


    Other filters should be set up and positioned in the filter holder as normal before using the Big or Little Stopper, remembering to keep the slot in the filter holder nearest the lens free for the Big or Little Stopper.


    Big Stopper
    Exposure Guide

    Normal Shutter
    Big Stopper
    1,000th 1 second
    500th 2 seconds
    250th 4 seconds
    125th 8 seconds
    60th 15 seconds
    30th 30 seconds
    15th 1 minute
    8th 2 minutes
    ¼ 4 minutes
    ½ 8 minutes
    1 second 16 minutes
    2 seconds 32 minutes

Additional Information

Box Contents: Big Stopper filter, exposure guide, protective storage tin
Manufacturer Lee Filters
Model No