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Although the camera is one of the most essential pieces of kit for any good photographer, there are a number of other crucial pieces of equipment that you need to have close to hand when you’re out on a shoot. For a start, you may have to communicate with others if you are working as part of a team. A mobile phone will be a must-have item when you need to ring around or even take quick snaps with it. Hama mobile socks are designed to accommodate mobiles phones of all different sizes, providing them with shelter from damage or spillages. They even come with their individual design, making them the perfect fashion accessory. A laptop or netbook is another necessity, especially if you plan on sending pictures through to the office or need to upload them onto a company website in quick time. Hama laptop bags have the space you require to place a laptop or netbook inside. It also means that you can arrive in style to your next job thanks to your eye-catching choice of bag. The padded cover will also give added protection if you ever happen to let it slip from your fingers. Hama really does have an answer for all different forms of photography equipment. Hama camera bags, Hama backpacks and Hama shoulder bags can accommodate just about every photography-related. Wilkinson Cameras also highly recommends Hama camera cases to those who like to keep their camera free from scratches and other blemishes.