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Hahnel Tuff TTL Extra Receiver for Nikon

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Hahnel Tuff TTL Extra Receiver for Nikon

An additional receiver for your Hahnel Tuff TTL Wirless Flash Trigger - simply add this to your extra flash gun to fire both flashes at once. Or, use more than one for a mulitple flash set up. The TUFF TTL Wireless Flash Trigger supports multiple receivers in full TTL.

Whether you prefer to be outside capturing the wildlife or inside the studio shooting mood photography such as portraits, this wireless flash trigger will prove to be a very useful piece of kit for both professional and amateur photographers alike

  • The Tuff TTL is exceptionally well-made.  Designed with durability in mind, the product has been constructed using resilient tough rubber giving the photographer peace of mind against any accidental impact.

    Special attention has been given to the strength of the housing and in particular an additional reinforcement collar on the neck of the transmitter which gives additional durability.

    The transmitter and receiver are covered by a silicone rubber case to protect against wear and tear and to absorb some of the energy created on impact, thereby preventing damage to the product.

    A strong ISM 2.4GHz wireless transmission control ensures reliable & dependable triggering of the flash with a range of more than 200m.

    Digital Channel Matching provides reliable TTL connections & eliminates the risk of interference from other wireless products within range.

    Full TTL with most TTL flash guns
    Powered by the most convenient power source - 2 x AA batteries


    How do I fit the Tuff transmitter to the hot shoe of my camera?

    Attach the transmitter onto the hot shoe of your camera and ensure that the controls are facing you (see image on product page for reference).


    What is the maximum trigger voltage that I can use with Tuff TTL?

    Tuff TTL is suitabale for use with only'modern' electronic flash guns with a trigger voltage maximum of approx 6V.


    When using multiple receivers, do all the flash guns need to be in TTL mode?

    No. In a multi-receiver set up, you have the option of having some flash guns in TTL mode and some in manual mode. In this case, the flash guns which are set to manual will output a fixed level which they have been set to and the flash guns in TTL mode will all output the same level as instructed by the camera.


    If I am using one transmitter to fire multiple flash guns, is it possible to control the output level of each unit?

    No, all flash units in TTL mode will receive the same output level instruction from the camera.


    Can I trigger more than one flash with the Tuff TTL?

    Yes. You can purchase additional receivers for the Tuff TTL and fire multiple flash guns using just the one transmitter.


    Will my flash gun go into sleep mode whilst using the Tuff TTL?

    Whether or not the flash gun will go into sleep mode is model dependent; for example, the Canon 580EX II will not go into sleep mode but the Metz will still go into sleep mode.


    If I purchase additional receivers for my Tuff TTL, do I have to sync the additional receivers to the Tuff TTL?

    Yes, you must sync the additional receiver/s to the Tuff TTL. The procedure for this is included in the manual. Note that that all units in TTL mode will receive the same output level ”instruction”.


    Can I power the units from an external USB power source?

    No, if rechargeable batteries are being used to power the T-TTL units, the external input will not charge the batteries.


    Is there a maximum amount of receivers that the Tuff can operate?

    No, there is no limit on the number of additional receivers you can use with the Tuff TTL.


Additional Information

Box Contents: No
Manufacturer Hahnel
Model Tuff TTL Receiver Nikon
MPN 1000 799.1