3 Legged Thing X0 Keith Evolution 2 CF C/W AirHed 0 Black

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3 Legged Thing X0 Keith Evolution 2 CF C/W AirHed 0 Black

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3 Legged thing have set out to become the worlds best tripod manufacturer. By using inovative engeneering and construction methods, all the tripods has been made fun and quirky and typically British. Every single factor has undergone a vast thought process with detailed research, from colour matching to practical precission. Using solid aircraft graded materials, the strength and durability is unquestionable. The already award winning products are set to take over.


We don't make tripods. We make tripod systems.

The brand new X0 KEITH is the world's first compact system dedicated tripod. Many of our customers who use compact system cameras (Leica M9, Panasonic Lumix GF1, Olympus Pen, Sony NEX etc) don't carry a tripod, because of the bulk and extra weight. People use compact system cameras purely and simply because they can get professional images without having to carry a heavy DSLR, lenses and other equipment.

With this in mind, we came up with the idea for Keith. A small, compact and powerful tripod, capable of holding over 12kg in weight, but folding up to the size of an average 70 - 200mm F2.8 lens. Two section 8 core Stealth Carbon Fiber legs, and a 2 section 10 core carbon fiber column, rugged double-break friction locks and stunning anodized details throughout. At just 300mm folded, and under 1kg, Keith will fit into any standard messenger bag.

Now you can capture beautiful images with longer exposures without the bulk and weight of a traditional tripod, but with all the kudos of owning the world's first compact system tripod fromt the world's coolest tripod brand.


X0 Keith Evolution 2 Compact Carbon Fiber Tripod System

AirHed 0 - Black

AH0 Compact System Release Plate

Rapid Reversible/Removable Double Section Centre Column

Spring Ballast Hook

100mm Magnesium Alloy Extension Tube (26mm diameter)

3LT Tripod Bag with D rings and tool/memory card/film Pocket

Carry Strap



What's new on the Evolution 2 Tripods?

Since the launch of our 2nd Generation in 2011 we have listened to your feedback and redesigned many of the critical components to give you a safer, lighter, stronger and more functional tripod system. The new upgrades include:

1: Purer 8 core Stealth Carbon Fiber™ legs, and unique 10 core Columns - Smoother operation, more lateral and torsional strength.

2: Re-engineered leg mechanisms, for greater stability, smoother and easier use.

3: New Evo 2 Friction Locks with safety double break-point and easy-grip rubbers.

4: Retoned bronze anodizing and triple machined magnesium alloy parts for better camouflage and smoother finish.

5: New, redesigned AirHed with ultra smooth panning, enlarged locking knob for greater grip and new clamp bubble system, lighter and smaller casing and now with 30kg load capacity


Specification Overview

Model X0 Keith Evolution 2 CF C/W AirHed 0 Black
Manufacturer 3 Legged Thing
Condition New
EAN 5060244882232

Full Specifications

Tripod Specifications:

Kit Weight 1208g
Tripod Weight 902g
Monopod Weight N/A
Monopod min Height N/A
Monopod max Height N/A
Tripod Min Height 105mm
Tripod Max Height with column removed 475mm
Tripod Max Height with column retracted 530mm
Tripod Max Height with column fully extended 754mm
Folded Height 300mm
Load Capacity 12kg
Maximum Leg Tubing Diameter 26mm
Leg Sections 2 - (26 & 23mm)
Leg Angles 23°, 55° & 80°
Column Sections 2 - (26 & 23mm)
Leg Locking Mechanism Evo 2 Double-Break Friction Dial

AirHed 0 Ballhead Specifications:

Ballhead Control
Pan, Lock & Clutch
Ballhead Height
Base Width
Ball Diameter
Ballhead Weight
Load Capacity
Plate Size
52mm x 30mm
Plate Weight
phone 01772 252188
phone EMAIL US

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